RE: Columbia lost

From: Kevin Z Grey (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 10:37:32 EST

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    1440 GMT (9:40 a.m. EST)
    During a mission status news conference yesterday, Entry Flight Director
    Leroy Cain was asked about any possible damage to the shuttle's thermal
    tiles during launch. The tiles are what protect the shuttle during the
    fiery reentry into Earth's atmosphere. 
    Tracking video of launch shows what appears to be a piece of foam
    insulation from the shuttle's external tank falling away during ascent
    and hitting the shuttle's left wing near its leading edge. 
    But Cain said engineers "took a very thorough look at the situation with
    the tile on the left wing and we have no concerns whatsoever. We haven't
    changed anything with respect to our trajectory design. It will be a
    nominal, standard trajectory." 
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