Shuttle re-entry on radar

From: John Culberson (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 11:54:57 EST

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    The shuttle re-entry can be observed from multiple NOAA weather radar
    sites in northeast Texas and Louisiana.  The long range loops show the
    re-entry path clearly, but these images will only be up on NOAA's web
    site for a short while longer.
    use the arrows to look at adjacent radar sites and check the loop
    I know all Americans are praying for the shuttle crew, their families,
    and everyone involved in our manned space program.  This terrible
    tragedy must not deter our manned exploration of space.  I am very proud
    of NASA and will always support them in every way possible.  May God
    bless the crew, their families and everyone at NASA.
    John Culberson
    Houston, Texas
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