Shuttle Reentry Observations

From: Brian Webb (
Date: Sat Feb 01 2003 - 17:26:45 EST

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    Hi All:
    This is Brian Webb. As you may know, I edit an astronomy/space newsletter
    for people who live in southern California. Prior to the STS-107 reentry, I
    alerted my readers that the reentry would be visible from here.
    I saw the event as did numerous other people and I've been receiving
    numerous reentry onservations via e-mail from people in California, Nevada,
    and Arizona.
    What's interesting are the multiple reports from people as far west as
    California who say they saw odd things during reentry. As far as I know, all
    of these reports are credible and the individuals do not know each other.
    One California resident says her husbund took video that may show "puffs"
    coming off of the spacecraft.
    Although the disintegration took place over Texas, it seems that something
    was happening to the vehicle as far west as California.
    Brian Webb
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