Re: STS-107 from Mt. Hamilton pictures posted

From: Rick Baldridge (
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 19:01:42 EST

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    Sunday 4:00pm PST
    Just found out my YAHOO PHOTOS account is all screwed up again.  This
    happened last week as well and took them a day to fix.
    Be patient and try back again later.  The images are there -- they just have
    to UNLOCK something!
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    Sent: Sunday, February 02, 2003 1:51 PM
    Subject: STS-107 from Mt. Hamilton pictures posted
    > Hello all.
    > It's been a very busy 36 hours trying to get data reduced and info to NASA
    > on the video and pictures I took.
    > The two still photos I took from Mt. Hamilton (right next to the 40" dome
    > Lick Observatory -- coords  N37 20.498'  W121 38.579'  Alt 4230feet
    > datum) have been scanned (rather poorly by myself, I might add!) and
    > annotated.  I've posted them at:
    > Click on "Astronomy Stuff" album.
    > I won't speculate at this point -- we've had quite enough of that already.
    > Let's just say the photos, videos and eyewitness accounts definitely show
    > that something was amiss while COLUMBIA was over California.  With this
    > being my 4th observed reentry, I have a lot of experience looking over
    > photos and videos that I've taken and nothing unusual showed on the
    > three.
    > Funny thing was, several of us who saw STS-107 Saturday morning didn't see
    > anything we would call really "unusual" using the naked-eye .  The only
    > comments were that the "color" seemed a bit off, perhaps more "orange",
    > that could be explained by a variety of causes.  Only later when we looked
    > at the video and developed the slides did we see something funny was going
    > on.  This leads me to believe that the average eye-witness in California
    > not have seen something going on when in fact it was.  Hooray for video
    > cameras.  (Just ask Rodney King!)
    > More later.
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