Progress M-47 & Others Obs

From: Jari (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 22:23:39 EST

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    While waiting for the Progress rocket to arrive i saw a flaring object high,
    approx 65deg, to the NNW at 01:52:38 4 Feb UTC +/- 3 sec. Twilight was still
    around so no nearby stars were visible but mag est -1. The track of the
    was from SSE to NNW and i came up with Coriolis r #27641 03001B.
    As for Progress M-47 rocket (SL-04 R/B) #27682 03006B, it was seen at
    01:55:14 +/- 3 sec approx Az 10 deg El 70 deg. Mag 0. ISS made a bright slow
    pass about 30min later. Then at 02:39:57 +/- 3 sec, Progress M-47 #27681
    0300A passed 4 deg above (S) Polaris. It was faint as it rose, mag 4,
    however once it got near Polaris it brightened to mag 2 and a bit brighter
    as it went to the NE before fading after about a minute.
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