Re: Gorizont 14 Obs + Request for Gorizont 16 = 88- 71 A Obs !

From: Kurt Jonckheere (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 18:15:30 EST

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    Hi Don and others,
    I observed Gorizont 14 Monday evening with a period of 86.763 s,
    last flash at 20h23m50.4 s UT Feb 3.
    I will check later if it is possible to fit Don's max between my Jan 30 and
    Feb 3 obs.
    This evening (Feb 5) I tried again to observe 87- 40 A (Gor 14) low (12
     in the West between the trees and with some light pollution.
    Around 19h UT it was near the moon and I couldn't see anything brigher than
    I tried again later between 21h20 and 21h50 with no succes.
    As this one is moving westwards 10 degrees a day, it will be lost for
    Europeans from now one I suppose.
    BUT,   there is Gorizont 16 = 88- 71A = which is already visible from a big
    part of US now, having a very stable period (going down only 0.005 seconds
    a day during the last week).
    I observed it again on Feb 3 last flash 21h56m43.0,
    and today Feb 5 last flash 21h19m49.5 s, first flash 19h16m55.2,
    period of 98.319 seconds, max magnitude between +7 and +9.5.
    This one is drifting slowly with one degree a day, so it is the
    ideal one to be observed (semi-) simultanously during the next weeks !!
    Because of the long and stable period, I can calculate pretty
    accurately all flash times during the last week or so and extrapollate
    for the next days.
    So we can compare with some US-data if available for one of the next days.
    I will send more details of my obs later, need so sleep now.
    Latest element from Mike's geo.tle :
    Gorizont 16
    1 19397U 88071A   03031.79350425 -.00000170 +00000-0 +10000-3 0 05073
    2 19397 008.9919 043.9730 0014260 229.7362 130.2200 00.99986343052889
    Don wrote :
    Subject: Gorizont 14 Obs
    > In PPAS format:
    > 87-040 A 03-02-03 00:56:09.32JDG 520.5 0.5  12 43.38  +7.0->inv
    > Don Gardner  39.1799 N, 76.8406 W, 100m ASL
    > -----------------------------------------------------------------
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