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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 02:11:36 EST

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    Dale Ireland wrote:
    > The were some very interesting video clips on the news 
    > tonight taken from inside a Shuttle during a previous 
    > reentry. Looking out the front windows from behind the 
    > pilot at the bright red glow and looking back at the plasma
    > trail. questions: How did they get a shot out the back or 
    > down the side of the shuttle looking back?? A camera back 
    > where the engines are perhaps?
    This is only a guess, but I wonder if this was not the work of
    astronaut Story Musgrave, who stood up on the flight deck 
    throughout the re-entry on one of his missions, to observe re-entry
    He described this in a TV appearance in the aftermath of the
    loss of Columbia. I believe I heard him say that he recorded
    the scene on video, passing the camera among the other crew.
    > I had never seen anything like it... and.. both shots showed
    > very bright flashes every few seconds like electrical discharges
    > not the smooth nonvariable plasma trail that we have been 
    > discussing, any idea what that was?
    Musgrave reported that RCS firings caused the plasma to momentarily
    disappear, or words to that effect. I believe this might appear as a 
    pulsation of the plasma.
    Ted Molczan
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