missile observation?

From: svend aage (aagesvend@hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 03:07:27 EST

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    once again I appologize for the lack of proper coordinates.  Watched a red, very red object to the NNE of my location from 11pm-11:12apx began at 11 at apx 30 degrees altitude and ended at 80 degrees.
    ( 38.7061°N, 121.3150°W)
    Local Time: Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8:00)

    my location in northern california.

    the object was very red and had a plume (this was the red presumably)  as it ascended I distinctly observed the object split two times.  The part of the missile that dropped off moved south very rapidly then dissapeared both times.  The main part of this unknown missile after each split dimmed and then brightened again.  I am having no luck finding out what this very red missile is but if anybody knows I,m sure you'all would. 

    P.S. Any help on making proper observations would be greatly appreciated.


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