Any STS-107 Debris Still in Orbit?

From: Curt Porter (
Date: Thu Feb 06 2003 - 14:05:17 EST

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       As NASA backs off the theory of ET insulation doing the damage,
    I wonder about when the first tile came loose. If damage occurred
    before re-entry then tiles must have been, and still be, in LEO.
    They won't last long, being light weight, rapidly decaying.
       These would theoretically be "visible" to NORAD. Certainly the
    NAVSPASUR radar in north Texas can detect them if they exist in LEO
    at those altitudes. Also we know the Shuttle passed the NAVSPASUR
    "fence" in pieces, but there is a roaring silence from that sector.
       It would take a huge telescope to see the tiles, but as they re-
    enter, I should think they would be very visible even to amateurs,
    if you know where/when to look, and get a little lucky.
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