Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 09:10:23 EST

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    I just remembered that I had read the NSTS 1988 News Reference Manual
    previously to find out about shuttle operations. The link to the site is:
    I was looking for information about the 'inverted' flight, but this is
    possibly more interesting, a small quote:
    	The area aft of the reinforced carbon-carbon nose cap to the nose
    landing gear doors has sustained damage (tile slumping) during flight
    operations from impact during ascent and overheating during re-entry. This
    area, which previously was covered with high-temperature reusable surface
    insulation tiles, will now be covered with reinforced carbon-carbon. 
    	Did that actually happen?
    	I'm sure there is lots more information to be found in this
    document, but it is very large I'm supposed to be at work!!
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