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From: Markus Mehring (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 20:32:42 EST

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    On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 14:10:50 -0600 , you ("Pinizzotto,Russell"
    <>) wrote:
    >Having been involved with failure analysis, I would agree with Markus that
    >one piece is probably not THE root cause.  In cases like this one, there is
    >usually a chain of events and causes that haven't been thought about very
    >much that cascade into a catastrophe.
    Also, _if_ that piece of debris played a major role, the cascade of course
    didn't start at impact, but at the time where the piece fell off the tank.
    There you'd have already your first combination of causes (ET insulation
    issue + wing sensitivity to impacts). And that wouldn't even adress the
    question _why_ it fell off.
    Hi ho, hi ho, we're speculating as we go... <dum dee dum>
    CU!	Markus
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