RE: Debris mass and impact velocity

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Fri Feb 07 2003 - 23:25:50 EST

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    Markus posted:
    > Relative airspeed between ET and orbiter is in the order of 800-830kph
    > at that point (sorry for being metric :).
    By ET I assume you mean external tank -- don't you mean the foam
    debris and the orbiter?  (The ET and the orbiter are still mated,
    of course.)
    > In the E-212 footage it appears in eight or nine frames, depending
    > on how closely you look. Followed by ~2 frames where it is covered
    > by the wing before the impact cloud first shows up.
    Ahh, so roughly 10 frame durations or 1/3 of a second (again assuming
    30 fps for the camera).  However, I failed to account for the fact
    the relative velocity of the debris is increasing from the point of
    break off to wing-impact.  Assuming constant acceleration, we have:
    80 feet (?) = 1/2 * A * (0.33 seconds)^2
    A = 1470 ft/sec^2
    V (impact) = A * 0.33 seconds = 490 ft/sec.
    Still plenty fast.  If I've underestimated the distance traveled,
    the velocity would of course be greater.
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