Unwanted satellite tracks in astrophotos

From: Matson, Robert (ROBERT.D.MATSON@saic.com)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 18:34:52 EST

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    Hi All,
    Regarding (unwanted) satellite tracks in astrophotographs, Tony wrote:
    > Astronomers using wide field telescopes ( like the UK schimdt at
    > Siding Spring mountain ) ,have been complaining for 20 years Tom.
    > There is a particularly bad example published many years ago in
    > Sky & Telescope that shows 5 trails on one plate. ...
    What's surprising is that more astrophotographers don't make use
    of computer programs have existed since the early 1990s (e.g.
    SkyMap) that completely eliminate the problem.  In a matter of
    seconds, you can find every satellite that is going to intersect
    your camera's field of view during the exposure time and plan
    accordingly.  Suppose you want to take a 1-hour exposure, and
    three objects will transit the FOV during that hour.  If shifting
    the start time of the exposure is not an option, all you have to
    do is temporarily block your aperture during the few seconds
    that each satellite will pass through.
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