Correction re: Telstar 401 flash period acceleration

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 00:41:03 EST

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    In the Telstar 401 PPAS reports yesterday I wrote:
    > 93- 77 A 04-02-22 01:41:10   EC  715.5 0.2   7 102.22 +1.0->inv
    I made a one-hour error; the following is correct:
    93- 77 A 04-02-22 02:41:10   EC  715.5 0.2   7 102.22 +1.0->inv
    Björn wrote a few days ago that the bright flash event is
    now about six minutes earlier from night to night.
    Re:  Double Star 1 --
    Can someone please point to a some good images of Double Star 1 
    (or Tan Ce 1, 28140, 03-061A) online?  Mike reminded me that 
    what we saw is not easy to explain given a cylinder covered 
    with solar cells.  While watching it, wiggling the telescope a 
    little yielded multiple dots -- which means multiple specular
    flashes within the duration of the wiggle.  The overall flash 
    period that we saw was four seconds, which corresponds with it 
    spinning at 15 rpm, but there was a lot more visible than just 
    a single specular flash every four seconds.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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