Re: ISS leaps !

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 01:08:27 EST

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    I'm surprised that there would have been so large an error in the predicted
    fly-over time, in a prediction made only 4 days before. It appears to me (see
    below) that your watch was a bit off- or maybe you were just too blurry-eyed to
    read it right!
    Btw, why don't you just subscribe to:
    I hadn't noticed the maneuver that Kevin pointed out- however, it's for
    tomorrow. My WorldView program shows the following:
    23:09:19  49.26 N,  70.40 E - beginning of the burn (UTC)
       11:35  51.33 N,  83.44 E - becomes sunlit
       13:14  51.79 N,  93.27 E - reaches the "top" of its orbit
       16:34  49.95 N, 112.94 E - crosses the Earth's terminator
       18:11  47.85 N, 121.61 E - end of burn
    I show the ISS becoming sunlit this morning at 5:51:36, and 232.88 miles above
    your backyard at 5:53:42 / 51.59 N, 3.12 W.
    Don't put your winter coat away in the attic just yet... I see you've got a near
    full-moon transit coming up for March 6, at 4:16:02. ;-)
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