RE: Upcoming NOSS launch on Atlas 3B

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2005 - 17:17:02 EST

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    Here is a quick and dirty Excel spreadsheet to compute azimuth and elevation of
    the Atlas 3B during its ascent to orbit:
    All you need do is enter the lift-off time, and your latitude and longitude. The
    lift-off time need not be UTC. In the example, I entered it as EST. The
    co-ordinates of the example are for Washington, D.C., located about half way up
    the U.S. east coast.
    The spreadsheet computes azimuth and elevation at 20 s time intervals, for both
    trajectory altitude scenarios that I discussed earlier. The one for "Low MECO1"
    assumes the vehicle will be 240 km above the Earth at main engine (i.e. Centaur)
    cut-off #1; "High MECO1" assumes it will have climbed to 640 km. I suspect that
    the low scenario is correct.
    If I have time, I may add R.A. and Dec to the tables.
    Ted Molczan
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