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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Feb 03 2005 - 04:39:18 EST

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    At 0855 UTC (not timed to the exact second as I was did not want to take my 
    eyes off it for a second!) in a clear Souitheastern sky I observed  through 
    binoculars a diffuse bright green glow, roughly triangular but elongated in 
    shape and which faded to a white colour then dissipated by about 0857  It 
    moved slowly in an easterly direction with a slight swing to the north. 
    Hard to estimate magnitude with such a diffuse object, but I would guess 
    that it got at least to mag 2, and at peak was visible without assistance.
    This corresponds exactly to the timing and orientation of MES-2 from the 
    NROL launch, which is what I was looking out for, though I had thought it 
    might be too low and too far to the east to be visible.
    Estimated position around RA 11h 40m to RA 12: 50 and Dec 34 44.
    Would be most grateful for confirmation or otherwise, though I don't know 
    what else would fit the description and timing- did not seem likely to be 
    normal cloud.or auroral.
    If confirmed, quite an unusual sighting for this vicinity I imagine!
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    >> The Atlas IIIB with a pair of NOSS satellites was launched as
    >> scheduled at 7:41 UTC.
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