Drawings of fuel dump from NOSS launch

From: Daniel Deak (dan.deak@sympatico.ca)
Date: Sun Feb 06 2005 - 23:59:25 EST

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    Hello everyone,
    Lucille and took the time to make two drawings of what we saw in the early 
    morning of February 3, while it is still fresh in our memories.
    The first one is the appearance of the fuel cloud along with the two visible 
    objects when we first saw them :
    The second drawing is what was left of the cloud near the horizon at about 30 
    deg. azimuth. The rocket and satellites were not visible anymore at 1x.
    These things are hard to draw and the drawings will never match the beauty of 
    the real thing !
    It was my 6th fuel dump observation :
    Delta II second stage : 2
    Centaur upper stage : 3
    Ariane 42P third stage : 1
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