Re: KH alert and "Do we need a TLE format change"

From: Michael Waterman (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2005 - 17:14:35 EST

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    I think it would be wise to separate out the source of the
    elements from errors within them.
    I would recommend replacing the U with a letter for non-official
    I am not in favour of replacing spaces by letters, since I use
    the spaces as an indication that the elements are not corrupt.
    Rather than introduce a third line, or replacing spaces by
    letters I append extra items to the right of the standard data.
    These items include element source, and indications of errors.
    This method has 2 advantages:
    (a) The extras are easily removed if anyone needs the original 
    (b) If the elements are extracted by finding the initial '1 '
    and '2 ' then the extras accompany the elements.
    If a third line is used, I recommend starting it with '3 ' so
    that it is obvious that it belongs with the lines above
    rather than with the lines below.
    Mike Waterman
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