RE: Does anyone have SpaceTrack scripts?

From: AjK (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 06:20:13 EST

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    > I would like to know if anyone has developed scripts that automatically 
    > log into the web site, fill in the various fields, and  
    > returned orbit elements. Is everybody just doing it manually? Recall 
    > that Doyle Groves had written a Perl script that worked with OIG, but 
    > that used the telnet protocol, and I don't believe telent is an option 
    > with space-track.
    > Gene Heyler
    > Columbia MD
    Your correct, ST use a cookie login system rather than the Apache "Basic
    Auth" that was easy to mimic. You need to first get a valid cookie for
    your session before making further download requests. I have written a 
    VB script that can get data automatically from the ST site. Also, I
    wrote a small C program that can get the cookie and then be stored in
    a Netscape cookies.txt file format so that wget -O - | gunzip > file.tle
    can be used in the Unix world. You need to re-acquire a cookie as they
    only have a 2 hour life span.
    I have sent both scripts to Ted to include in his software download section
    but, failing that, if you need them contact me directly and I'll email the
    bundle to you.
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