Lacross transit ?

From: satcom (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 18:23:40 EST

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    Clear sky tonight here in the UK , although out to the north west there was 
    a cloud bank looming.
    Calsky predicted a Lunar transit for me of  USA 133/Lacross (25017 1997-64-A 
    , so although the estimated radius of the object was just 4 arc seconds  AND 
    it was in shadow I decided to give it a try with a FOV of about 10 arc 
    minutes...and the camera cranked up to 30 FPS .
    First run  of the captured video drew a blank , however on closer 
    examination it looks like it was there  , although very faint and slightly 
    further north of the predicted track.
    Hope to post a gif animation shortly.
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