Re: Lacross transit ?

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Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 19:07:44 EST

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    Transit now confirmed
    GPS synch put the bird on time.
    Video  ( about 1 mb) can be seen here
    Lacross passes right to left , mid frame .....very hard to see ...but it is 
    I would appreciate help identifying any of the lunar features it passes 
    FOV  approx 10 arc minutes range to target 836 km. details
    USA 133/Lacross(25017 ) 1997-64-A Crosses the disk of Moon. Separation: 
    0.038d  Position Angle: 160.7d
    Angular Velocity: 28.6'/s.  Transit duration: 1.02s
    Angular diameter: 4.6"  cylindrical, 18.0m x 4.5m
    Satellite at az: 245.2d WSW  h: 49.8d  dist: 836.1 km (in shadow)
    Satellite apparently moves to direction 245.7
    Centerline, Closest Point ?Map: Lon:  3d06m11s W  Lat: +53d23m07s dist: 0.69 
    km  az: 214.5d SW  Path direction: 124.5d SE  ground speed: 7.428 km/s 
    width: 9.0 km  max. duration: 1.0 s
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