Re: Lacross transit ?

Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 05:30:37 EST

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    I found Lacrosse watching the animation in one frame. Stepping through it 
    with Animation Shop, I found this image in frame 06 at X=431 of the 800 
    pixels (10.5 arc min) wide image.
    Then I found it at X=361 in frame 07. After that it was easy to identify 
    it in all frames 01-08, possibly in 09-11.
    In frame 12 it should be near X=21, Y=170.
    >Lacross passes right to left , mid frame .....very hard to see ...but it 
    >I would appreciate help identifying any of the lunar features it passes 
    >FOV  approx 10 arc minutes range to target 836 km.
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