Fw: TLE Availability Update #12

From: Allen Thomson (thomsona@flash.net)
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 08:39:41 EST

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    From: "Dr. T.S. Kelso" <TS.Kelso@celestrak.com>
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    Cc: <admin@space-track.org>
    Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 9:24 PM
    Subject: TLE Availability Update #12
    > CelesTrak held extended discussions again with Air Force Space Command
    > (AFSPC) Wednesday afternoon to continue to work to develop a solution to
    > address the unexpected failure of the NASA OIG web site on February 4.
    > CelesTrak offered several ways that we could help both NASA and AFSPC
    > fulfill their promise to this community to provide data for a 90-day
    > transition period, but these offers were all declined. As a result, it
    > looks like there will be little or no new TLE data out of either OIG or
    > CelesTrak.
    > I know that many of you have looked to CelesTrak to work these issues on
    > your behalf over the past year and we have done everything we can to meet
    > your expectations. However, as a result, AFSPC does not believe there is a
    > problem because they have only heard CelesTrak complaining. You are one of
    > 1,488 users who have registered for these updates, but that is only about
    > 5% of the over 27,000 active CelesTrak users.
    > If you are concerned about this outcome, you need to do one of two things:
    >         1. Register for a Space Track account today at
    > http://www.space-track.org (only 4,000 users have done so to date) and use
    > the application provided at
    > http://celestrak.com/SpaceTrack/TLERetrieverHelp.asp to automatically
    > download and convert Space Track data into CelesTrak data sets to help you
    > with the transition. This will ensure you get the very latest data in the
    > formats you are currently accustomed to.
    >         2. Reply to ALL on this message to send an e-mail message to
    > admin@space-track.org (AFSPC specified this address) telling them why it 
    > is
    > important to you that CelesTrak be allowed to continue disseminating data
    > throughout the remainder of the 90-day transition period. You will need to
    > explain specifically how your operations will be impacted by the premature
    > end of the transition period, not just that you prefer CelesTrak.
    > If AFSPC receives only a few complaints, then all users will have little
    > choice but to take Action 1 as soon as possible. However, if they receive 
    > a
    > significant response from the tens of thousands of CelesTrak users, there
    > is still hope that we may be able to continue toward an orderly transition
    > date of April 1. The choice is up to you now. Please be sure to forward
    > this message to as many other TLE users as you can.  - TS
    > Dr. T.S. Kelso
    > CelesTrak WWW, http://celestrak.com
    > E-Mail: TS.Kelso@celestrak.com
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