Lacrosse 3 ( USA 133 )

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Date: Sun Feb 20 2005 - 05:34:00 EST

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    Hi all ,
    Following the capture of Lacrosse 3 transiting the Moon the other evening , 
    I have been doing a few rough calculations , trying to determine an 
    approximate size of the object.
    Very little info available , but indications are that the span is up to 45 
    Using the crater Horrocks ( 30km) as a guide and a range to the mooon of
    398,131 km I have determined that FOV is actually 9.72 arc minutes , not 10 
    as I first thought.
    This gives a minmum size for Lacrosse of 30 metres at a range of 836 km.
    Of course this does not take into account the point angle of the solar 
    panels , which will give a forshortening effect to the viewer.
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