Re: Flaring geosat season

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Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 03:02:55 EST

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    Hope Ed doesn't mind , but I would just like to add , for anyone who doesn't 
    know what to expect , .... I have a couple of videos of two major groups of 
    satellites over Europe , flaring and then going into earth shadow.
    Some minutes later the satellites re-appear.
    The first one covers the Astra birds at 19 degs east ( seven of them )
    The second , the five Hotbirds at 13 degs east.
    As these are made up of frames taken over a long period , you'll also see 
    how the geos move in orbit.
    Finally , there are more images and videos of geostationary birds at
    From: "Ed Cannon" <>
    Subject: Flaring geosat season
    > Long-timers know about this.  For newcomers (if there are any
    > anymore), in the next couple of months (exactly when depends
    > on your latitude) there is the opportunity to observe much
    > more easily than usual quite a few operational geostationary
    > satellites. 
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