ISS Jupiter : dawn pass

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Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 05:25:00 EST

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    Nice lazy 15 deg elevation  pass by ISS this morning in a brightening sky
    Jupiter was clearly visible , but the station only just naked eye...(mag 
    0.1) through the haze .
    Due to the separation , a wide FOV ( 4.5 deg )  was required.
    Equipment used , 40mm SLR lens with webcam
    30FPS @ 1/30 sec
    1gb file reduced to  800kb in wmv format
    Calsky detals....
    Pass time  6h51m57.37s
    ISS Close to Jupiter. Separation: 0.539d  Position Angle:
    Angular Velocity: 21.7'/s
    Angular diameter: 17.3"  size: 73.0m x 44.5m x 27.5m
    Satellite at az: 238.4d WSW  h: 15.3d  dist: 1071.5 km  mag=0.1m
    Satellite apparently moves to direction 254.1
    Centerline, Closest Point ?Map: Lon:  2d55m60s W  Lat: +53d39m28s
    dist: 31.80 km  az:  19.1d NNE  Path direction: 109.3d ESE  ground speed:
    8.602 km/s  width: 0.3 km  max. duration: 0.0 s
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