Update on 15 Feb 2005

From: Greg Roberts (grr@iafrica.com)
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 11:29:39 EST

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    On the 16th Feb I reported the following:
    Observations 15 Feb 2005
    Field #2 :
    Two possible geostationaries and one high altitude satellite. The two
    geostationaries have been identified as #26939 (01-045D) and #21765
    (91-075A)- both around mag 12-13.
    The unknown was easy to see on the DVD recording once I noticed it. It was
    variable with a short period of a few seconds and ranged from about mag +10
    to +12. The following positions were obtained:
    19h45m01.2s UT  RA 10h08m30.8s  Dec +05d56'31" (J2000)
    19h45m27.1s UT  RA 10h08m41.2s  Dec +05d52'04"
    19h45m55.9s UT  RA 10h08m52.7s  Dec +05d46'43"
    19h46m22.8s UT  RA 10h09m06.3s  Dec +05d42'14"
    I have had another go at trying to identify this object and it looks like
    #28477 04041C BREEZEM debri could fit the object quite well. At the time of
    observation the object was at a range of 31,343 km. The orbit is 872 x 35748 
    inclination 48.74 deg, eccentricity 0.706 and period 643 mins. The standard
    magnitude works out at around +4.9. Another unknown bites the dust.
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