Re: Update on 15 Feb 2005

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 12:42:45 EST

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    --- Greg Roberts <> wrote:
    > Update:
    > I have had another go at trying to identify this object and it looks like
    > #28477 04041C BREEZEM debri could fit the object quite well. At the time of
    > observation the object was at a range of 31,343 km. The orbit is 872 x 35748 
    > kms,
    > inclination 48.74 deg, eccentricity 0.706 and period 643 mins. The standard
    > magnitude works out at around +4.9. Another unknown bites the dust.
    Ah I see you saw, an APT :) There's currently 10 of them up there. Looks like 7 more will be up
    there at the end of the year, based on info I had seen = good. The more the better:)
    I got 4.6 as the standard mag, close to your value.
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