Re: Comparing mccants.tle and visible.txt

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 03:13:59 EST

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    Mark wrote:
    > Or maybe Mike can publish a list of sats that used 
    > to go into mccants.tle, so that we can setup our own
    > scripts to extract Mike's sats from the full list.
    Mike has written a couple of new programs, xf6 and xf7, 
    to help with this.  They are listed at the top of this
    I'm using xf7 with mccants.tle, eccen.tle, leo.tle, 
    and geo.tle when applicable.  His visual.tle file could 
    be used also.  You do have to get the big data file 
    from Space-Track, and it is the input file you use with 
    xf6 or xf7 to update the file(s) that you want.
    If you didn't keep an old visual.tle file, I'm sure
    that someone can send you one from the days before
    Space-Track.  I haven't looked at the OIG/Space-Track
    visible file in years, but it is probably not 
    up-to-date.  (By the way, adding new objects to the
    existing files will need to be done as they go into
    There are objects that get as bright as +3.5 at least
    occasionally that are not in the visual.tle file, so you 
    might consider using the mccants.tle file as your "master" 
    file.  Mike has some recent old ones on his site:
    Mike also has written up an automated method to get files 
    using "wget".  These are mentioned right near the top of 
    his home page:
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