Re: Comparing mccants.tle and visible.txt

Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 04:56:21 EST

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    I composed VISUAL.TLE/VISIBLE.TLE to contain just such satellites.
    The file was on Celestrak and Mike's sites. Unfortunately, I haven't been
    able to update those files recently, but you may use them as a base for your
    own list. Mike did update the list on his site.
    mccants.tle was a much larger list containing interesting sats that were not
    necessarily of naked eye brightness.
    The visible list at Space-Track is far less accurate.
    Mark wrote:
    > Before Space-Track I used to get mccants.tle from Mike
    > McCants' site every few days and print out a list of
    > all sats brighter than mag 3.5 to observe them by eye.
    > Now that Space-Track is here, I tried getting their
    > "Visible Satellites" list and doing the same thing. 
    > In your experience with Space-Track, do you recommend
    > that I use their "visible" list?
    > Or shall I try the long "Full Satellite Catalog"? A
    > big list may include sats for which different orbit
    > models are appropriate, so that a prediction run with
    > the SGP4 model may generate poor predictions for some
    > sats.
    > Or maybe Mike can publish a list of sats that used to
    > go into mccants.tle, so that we can setup our own
    > scripts to extract Mike's sats from the full list.
    > Just inviting ideas.
    > Mark
    Jay Respler
      Satellite Tracker  *  Typewriter Collector
                 Freehold, New Jersey
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