ETS-7 by chance -early evening Feb 02 06

From: chiayk (
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 07:30:12 EST

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    Hi folks:
      I was looking out the window and seconds later noticed a fairly bright 
    'iridium-like' yellowish quick flare ( - 3 or -4)  appeared a short  
    distance above Canopus. The flare dimmed and 'lingered' for a brief 
    moment - my first thought was the work of an iridium but i remembered 
    there are no evening iridium flare this week....
     A quick visit to HA confirmed  the above. A quick check with  satellite 
    listing revealed ETS-7 was at that position/ time. The strangest 
    coincidence was : I was looking up ETS-7 just days before. reading about 
    the various postings of how bright this sat can be. And today without  
    any pre-planning happened to caught the  flaring by accident with a 
    glance out of the window. Right place right time ..and right eye perhaps..
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