Re: Smart 1 will crash on the moon

From: Rainer Kresken (
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 16:16:24 EST

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    Tristan Cools wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I've got this from a Belgian Astronomical mailing list but this must 
    > have been posted somewhere before.
    > Can someone tell us if the impact of Smart 1 will show us something ?
    If everything works as planned, yes.
    According to the current, not yet finally decided plan, Smart 1 shall
    impact on the visible side of the moon, very close to the terminator but
    in the shadow. That should result in the best possible visibility of the
    ejecta. Timing will be such that the moon is visible from Teneriffe and
    Chile. That should make it visible at least for parts of eastern  north
    America as well. Details will be released soon! As a european taxpayer,
    I feel betrayed! ;)
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