Re: Any visual report on SuitSat1?

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 06:34:32 EST

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    At 12:34 10/02/06, wrote:
    >Hi folks:
    >  Just wonder what is the expected visual magnitude of suitsat1? Dont seems
    >to read
    > any visual reports posted. 
    >  My next sun-illuminated wont happen till Feb 16. It might not be
    >surviving that long..
    >  Thanks
    This local evening at 10:47:09.8 I observed Suitsat,
    using predictions generated by
    I found it faint but visible in 7x50 binoculars,
    magnitude 6.7  at a range of 465Km. This observation
    At the time the objects elevation was 48 degrees.
    It was just on nautical twilight.
    to be careful I ran FINDSAT on the observation 
    and found no other objects within 20 seconds.
    Tony Beresford
    8597, -34.9638,138.6333E, 100m
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