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From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sun Feb 12 2006 - 05:37:10 EST

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    I have another (?) 500-memory named Track-Pro, but without a company 
    It can also be read out without stopping it, but not so conveniently, 
    because they are all read from the beginning each time.
    Also it is easy to accidentally push the mode button, so no laps are 
    I use a spreadsheet to convert the "absolute" (cumulative) readouts to 
    UTC, using the most recent and the previous time check, because it has a 
    drift of about 4 s/day.
    My newest 80-memory stopwatch has safer buttons, and only about 0.1 
    s/day drift, but read-out from start like the other one.
    My 100-memory in town reads in the opposite order.
    What I really would like to have is one with USB readout.
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    > All times were recorded on a new SL929-R stopwatch marketed by Oregon 
    > Scientific.
    > It has 500 memories which can be read out without stopping the watch.
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