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Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 18:13:04 EST

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    Back in "mid-1963," the USAF attached a Fresnel reflector to one of
    its Discoverer/Corona satellites as a solar energy concentration
    experiment. They called it EROS: Experimental Reflector Orbiting Shot,
    or something close to that. Only problem is that nobody ever seems to
    have identified the exact satellite that carried the EROS package. At
    least, I have not yet been able to find it online. I recall the puzzle
    back in 1963, and it's still a puzzle for me now. Does anyone happen
    to have that information available, or can point me to a website where
    I can download it? Although I've found a few websites about the EROS
    experiment, they don't give the launch date.
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