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Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 18:41:34 EST

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    Well, isn't that interesting! Why indeed would they keep this
    classified after all those years?? Anyway, another guess is the Agena
    second stage 1963-021A, which orbited a number of small satellites
    (including Poppy 2) on June 15, 1963 and which otherwise apparently
    had nothing to do on that launch.
    Personally, the June 12 launch would be cute, as that happens to be my
    birthday. I turned 17 on that date.
    On 2/20/06, Jonathan McDowell <> wrote:
    > George, it's still a mystery. I uncovered a declassified USAF memo
    > saying that the USAF press officer shouldn't release which flight -
    > presumably sensitivity due to planned sigint subpayloads on similar
    > flights, sensitivity about the fact that it was a partial failure,
    > and  just general stupidity. So it was a deliberate omission.
    > Launch was between Jun 1 and Jul 15 according to some documents I've
    > seen, so the most probable mission is the Jun 12 CORONA flight.
    > Jun 27 is less likely since that one carried a P-11 subsatellite
    > and there probably wouldn't have been room for EROS on the
    > Agena aft rack.
    >  - Jonathan McDowell
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