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From: Jos Heyman (josheyman@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 22:54:17 EST

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    Dear friends
    Following the dissolution of the Astronautical Society of Western Australia 
    on 1 March 2006, I have taken over the production of the Society's News 
    Bulletin under the banner of Tiros Space Information (TSI).
    A number of you already receive the News Bulletin but, now that it is 
    independent from a geographically based Society, I can offer it to others.
    The purpose of the News Bulletin is to promote the scientific exploration 
    and commercial application of space through the dissemination of current 
    news and historical facts.
    The News Bulletin is only available in an electronic format and a 
    subscription or a sample can be requested by sending an e-mail address to 
    The subscription to the News Bulletin is free of charge, however in the case 
    of commercial undertakings I might decide to charge a service fee where 
    deemed appropriate and justified.
    Jos Heyman
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