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Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 23:18:13 EST

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    1963-021 wasn't my idea; that's how EROS is listed in Jos Heyman's log
    of space launches. 21A stayed up almost two months, but I guess that's
    because it didn't make it all the way to 900 km.
    Naturally, I kinda like 1963-019A myself, for the reason cited in my
    previous email, and it does fit with all vailable information.
    On 2/20/06, Jonathan McDowell <> wrote:
    > Well, the memo I cite was from July 1963 - I think it's not sensitive
    > NOW, but we just haven't managed to find any surviving documents.
    > The 1963-021 launch is an interesting idea - I thought the info we had
    > on EROS was that it was a low orbit mission (1963-021 was planned for
    > a higher 900 km orbit): the 'planned orbital lifetime' was 30 days
    > and the USAF museum ties it explicitly to 'Discoverer'. So I think
    > 1963-021 is ruled out.
    >  - Jonathan
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