Lacrosse 5 and Murphy...

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Fri Feb 24 2006 - 23:40:39 EST

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    Soooooo.......I had the alarm clock set to try to catch an early morning pass 
    (4:47 am local time) of Lacrosse 5 with the camera...
    And I've seen Lacrosse 5 indeed, starting at a blazing mag. -1 descending below 
    Corona Borealis...... Nice......!
    Even have it on photograph joke, I realy have.
    Yep, screwed it up indeed. So no measurements... * beats head on desk *
    I slept through the first alarm of my alarm clock. Then was woken up by the 
    repeat 8 minutes later. 8 vital minutes later, because now I had to hurry...
    To make a short story long....was in a hurry....rushed outside onto the 
    courtyard....set up tripod and installed camera, looked up to point it.....: saw 
    a blazing -1 Lacrosse, already there....
    Panic! Open that camera you fool!
    * click *
    Arrrghhhh, wrong camera setting!!! Shoot shoot shoot shoot!
    Basically, I forgot to set the 10-second timer and pre-select infinity focus. I 
    have a nice picture with a bright trail but as the timing calibration of the 
    exposure start depends on the camera settings, it's worthless for astrometry.
    There was a gnashing of teeth in the night that must have woken up many of the 
    - Marco   :-/
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