Re: Re-entry information wanted

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 00:39:54 EST

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    At 03:15 22/02/06, Rainer  wrote:
    >Dear all,
    >on the July 19th, 2006 weather radars over the Netherlands and Germany
    >showed a pattern that was initially interpreted as rain. This was not
    >confirmed by observers on site and was not consistent with results from
    >other weather observation means like satellite imagery. This resulted in
    >weird accusations of intentional data forgery and weather manipulation
    >experiments. German readers may find this funny:
    >Remembering similar images from the Columbia accident, I wonder wether
    >the pattern on the radar imagery could have be caused by a satellite
    >reentry. Are there any reports known from that date, shortly after GMT
    Rainer,Looked  , nothing listed as decaying
    on July 18,19,20 2005
    Posted to list because direct address failed to deliver.
    Tony Beresford
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