Two Unidentified Sats 25/02/06

From: Mike Bevan (
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 05:19:25 EST

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    Hi All
    It's been a long time since I posted anything to the group but I need a 
    little help.
    On Saturday the 25/02/06 I had a clear night to do some observing.
    In particular I was trying to catch MonitorE/Brz r (27840) and Meteor 1-26 
    (09481) when two other Sats appeared.
    1) At 18:48 I was looking with my 10x50's in the direction of the 
    MonitorE/Brz r expecting a pass from the SE to the NW (70deg Azm, 63deg 
    Elev, peak) when a unid passed close to this point travelling SW to NNE (Mag 
    5), 27840 was seen at 18:51 travelling on the correct path.The closed fit I 
    can get is NOSS 5 (D) (14144) but according to Skymap the magnitude would 
    have been 6.7 well outside my maximum seeing Mag of 5.5. (light pollution).
    2) At 19:29 I was looking for a Meteor 1-26 (09481) expecting a pass from 
    the SSE to the NE (98deg Azm, 67deg Elev, peak) when a unit passed close to 
    this point travelling N to S (mag 5), I missed 09481 as I was following the 
    unid. The closed fit I can come up with is P-35-19 r (02985) but again 
    Skymap comes up with a magnitude of 6.2 well outside my maximum.
    I am hoping that somebody can either confirm or come up with a alternative 
    as to my 2 unids, at the times of the passes, 14144 had a altitude of 726km 
    and 02985 had an altitude was 710km, these low altitudes may be a 
    contributing factor in support for my observation of 14144 but not for 
    I would be grateful for anybody's help or comments.
    Mike Bevan
    Poole, UK
    Lat 50.7557, Lon 1.9804W, H 30m 
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