mysterious image

From: Paul Sventek (
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 19:38:29 EST

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    A friend of mine emailed several digital images he took this morning (Feb 
    27) while imaging the area around Antares. On all images is an odd, 
    elongated, greenish object north and west of Antares.
    The photos were guided, 3 minute exposures. They were taken between 5:25am 
    and 5:45am EST (UT -4hrs). Observer location 36d 45.075m N  81d 44.644m W 
    (extreme western Virginia, USA). A total of six images were taken. The 
    object appears to slowly move northwesterly.
    Any ideas what this might be, Object de Kodak? Extremely high fuel venting?
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