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From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Tue Feb 20 2007 - 08:23:06 EST

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    This was forwarded to me for comment- I havent
    looked into it yet but it might just be of interest to others.
    Transfer burn perhaps?
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    > FYI
    >> >Hi all,
    >> one of our club members in Perth, Western Australia,
    >> saw this and
    >> caught it on film, not digital. It was reported
    >> approx
    >> 4,000 km away
    >> on the other side of Australia.
    >> Here is the news report of the sighting on the other
    >> side of Australia.
    >> http://www.abc. net.au/news/ newsitems/
    >> 200702/s1851801. htm
    >> And his picture and details.
    >> http://www.myastros pace.com/ forums/showthrea
    >> d.php?p=1757& posted=1# post1757
    >> regardds
    >> Roy
    >> Strange lights seen over southern Qld
    >> Stargazers have been reporting a strange sighting in
    >> the skies over southern Queensland last night.
    >> Numerous residents on the Darling Downs have called
    >> the ABC to report a milky glowing cloud and lights
    >> moving slowly across the night sky between 3am and
    >> 4am
    >> AEST.
    >> Former meteorologist and amateur astronomer, Mark
    >> Yandle, from Millmerran says he thinks it could have
    >> been an explosion in space.
    >> "High in the south-west there was a cloud of gas
    >> about
    >> twice the size of a full moon and as you watched it
    >> over, say, the course of an hour it moved slowly
    >> north-eastward and gradually got larger and at the
    >> centre of this cloud there was even brighter bits to
    >> me that sounds as though it was an explosion of some
    >> sort in outer space," he said.
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