Re: Updated elements of USA 193 and Heavens-Above pass predictions

Date: Fri Feb 01 2008 - 16:27:12 UTC

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    Note for  new observers:
    Chris Peat has kindly added a link for USA 193 on his user-friendly 
    satellite prediction website.  An example page for Estes Park CO is 
    here.  A link on this page allows you to enter your own home location.
    The special page link:
    An example  link which generates a prediction table:
    Clicking on the table will generate the track of the satellite in the 
    sky.  Before these pages were posted, it was possible to make a 
    prediction with the "Select a satellite from the database"  function 
    and put in the number, 29651, in the first box.  If the Heavens-Above 
    times are bit off from Ted Molczan's, the path in the sky should be 
    pretty close.
    Cheers, Dan Laszlo, Fort Collins CO
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    From: Ted Molczan <>
    Sent: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 6:12 am
    Subject: Updated elements of USA 193
    David Brierley has reported new observations:
    The data format of David's report is defined here:
    The object was about 0.3 s late relative the elements I posted 
    yesterday. Here
    are updated elements:
    USA 193          5.0  2.5  0.0  4.3 v                    267 X 275 km
    1 29651U 06057A   08032.26673860  .00108121  00000-0  19426-3 0    03
    2 29651  58.4892 115.4602 0006491  79.8395 280.3436 16.01043930    04
    Arc 2008 Jan 30.29 - Feb 01.29, WRMS residuals = 0.029 deg
    Definition of 2-line elements format:
    Using Satevo v0.51 with a 10.7 cm solar flux of 71, results in a decay
    prediction for 2008 March 29, in line with earlier estimates. The 
    uncertainty is
    at least one week.
    I have updated the standard visual magnitude calculation:
    Results are unchanged: mag 4.3 +/- 2, at range 1000 km, phase angle 90 
    Co-efficient of phase = 1.26 mag/rad (0.0220 mag/deg).
    Ted Molczan
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