RE: Iranian objects seen from Edinburggh

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2009 - 19:38:41 UTC

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    Alan Pickup wrote:
    > In the last few minutes I have observed what I think are the 
    > two objects from today's Iranian satellite launch.
    > Object #33506 = 09-004A = the Omid satellite was spotted passing the
    > star Mu Andromedae at 18:39:30 UTC when its predicted slant 
    > distance was ~330km and altitude 60 deg. Its magnitude was varying 
    > regularly between about 5 and fainter than 7 in an approximate period of 1 
    > second. Sorry I didn't get an accurate position or period measurement.
    That is consistent with a roughly 0.5 m object.
    > Object #33507 = 09-004B = the Safir-2 rocket (with the more eccentric
    > orbit) passed close to Beta Andromedae at 18:49:50 UTC at a 
    > slant range of ~370km and also near a 60 deg altitude. It appeared more
    > steady in brightness near mag 4.5, but did brighten to perhaps 3 briefly.
    That is consistent with the 5 m x 1.25 m dimensions mentioned by Geoffrey
    Ted Molczan
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