From: GERHARD GROENEWALD (bataleur@megaweb.co.za)
Date: Fri Feb 13 2009 - 15:36:20 UTC

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    hi all,
    I am a member for two years now,
    What is it that I still do after that lenght of time,
    perhaps this will be a guidance to my peers on this channel.
    first of all I was a bit surprised seeing my peers on seesat arguing 
    about what is an observer, so this is what i do:
    I receive and read all mail from seesat.
    I ignore the numbers and read the easy stuff.
    USA 193 was a high point. At my position I am sure I was the last person 
    to see it early in the morning before shootdown.
    I read between the lines what it is that the big guns (Ted, Greg, 
    Bjoern, Holtkamp, Derek, Russel et al ) are after.
    I download the  latest elsets for orbitron.
    I follow the predicitions ,
    get an indication with a handheld compass in my backyard
    and estimate azimuth with my fist being  20 degrees,
    and at the correct time observe with a Leitz 10x40 to up at least to 5 mag.
    I observe something moving in the sky for a small period.
    I am happy.
    I regularly observe ISS, if it arrives on time, I am happy.
    Greg Roberts, A fellow South African gave me great guidance in the 
    beginning and did a huge effort pointing me in the right direction.
    Do I read the FAQ's - Yes I printed them and on file, and read from time 
    to time to understand basics.
    Am I a PROUD member of Seesat   ==== YES.
    Am I an observer ==== NO I may be a bungler, I am a graduated accountant after all.
    Do I wish to progress    ==== CERTAINLY
    Do I wish to to contribute sensibly  ==== YES.
    Do I really know how    ==== NO.
    Can I afford it to upgrade to telescope and video    ==== Entry level Yes.
    Do I know how  ==== NO.
    Did I do research how to  ==== Yes I know eactly what Greg's setup looks like, but what it does I have no idea.
    Am I contributing to Seesat ? ==== No I really dont want to bore the pro's with my great ISS sightings.
    Ok chaps thats it, I will go on lurking, see my ISS, Hubble and some 
    spysats less 3 Mag and be happy.
    many regards
    Gerhard Groenewald
    Republic of South Africa
    Latitude: -26.04025 Longitude: 30.07085
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