Re: Gorizont 26 Alone to Me

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Wed Feb 10 2010 - 05:03:47 UTC

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    --- On Tue, 2/9/10, Brad Young <> wrote:
    > Looked for Raduga 16 ( 15946 ) nearby - not seen but using
    > 12 x 60s and very cold.
    Playing back the video from the other night, the flashes from Raduga 16 were in the faint side, and only visible for a couple of minutes, as a short time after the flashes got bright enough to notice, raduga 16 and Gorizont 26 entered earth's shadow.
    So raduga 16 in this case, might only flash before it goes into eclipse.
    Now that I see, it's taking less time, then what's was in the ppas database, it's worth observing again. If I see a geo sat is taking longer to flash over time, then I quit observing it. 
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