STSS demo rocket zipped by

From: Robert Fenske Jr (
Date: Thu Feb 18 2010 - 16:10:11 UTC

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    Last night I sent my initial message from the wrong email address so it was 
    bounced back to me.  Rehashing what I wrote:
    The sky cleared in time for me to see the STSS demo rocket (35939) speed by 
    at about 01:29 UTC 18 Feb.  Waiting for it, I watched a spot about 10 deg 
    above Polaris.  Turns out I didn't need the binoculars as it was plenty 
    bright, about +2.5 mag.  This is much brighter than others have reported so I 
    must have had a very favorable geometry.  I followed it into shadow in the 
    east (which didn't take that long).  I think it was a bit early relative to 
    Ted's latest elements, but I'm not sure.
    Robert Fenske, Jr
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