Unidentified flash over New Mexico Feb 22, 2012

From: Thomas Ashcraft (ashcraft@heliotown.com)
Date: Wed Feb 22 2012 - 18:55:50 UTC

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    My all-sky camera captured an eight second long flash over north central 
    New Mexico this morning at Feb 22, 2012, 3:15:34 am MST ( 1015:34 UTC). 
    I checked Heavens-Above for possible sats but their listings start at 4 
    am local time or so.
    I am wondering if this might be a re-entry?
    I made a rough movie document and overlaid a general sky map onto the 
    sky field. Please know that the map overlay is general and not an 
    absolute precise fit to my camera field of view. ( Map from 
    Heavens-Above.com  Thank you. )
    http://www.heliotown.com/unidFeb222012_101534ut_Ashcraft.mp4  ( 1 MB )
    Thank you in advance for any identification help.
    Thomas Ashcraft
    35.50 N  ,  -105.89 W
    New Mexico
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